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كلكون ك ٤٣٥١ دبل هوت بلة أبيض 

Clikon CK4351 Double Hot Plate White
  • Clikon Ck4351 Double Hot Plate White
  • Clikon Ck4351 Double Hot Plate White

كلكون ك ٤٣٥١ دبل هوت بلة أبيض 

الريال العماني : 13.9

الريال العماني. 12.9


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الوصف :

This hob comes with a stylish black glass top finish for an aesthetic look and a sturdy steel base for long lastingness.

  • Automatic Overload & Overheat Cut Off
  • Circuit Breaker with High Speed Motor 400W
  • Safe & Easy to Clean
  • Shock Resistant 2mm Thick ABS Body
  • Wet & Dry Grinding
  • Juicer Jar with Multi Coverage Systems Lids
  • Root Clip Locking System
  • Stainless Steel Filter & Blades
  • Vibration Free Performance

الوصف :

A simplistic gas burner with manual ignition, this hob is ideally designed to cater to the cooking needs of a small family

وزن 2.10kg
Input Voltage Range 220-240V
Power 2250W
اللون White

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