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Clikon CK551-N ٣ Way ٢ متر تمديد أسود وأصفر

Clikon CK551-N 3 Way 2 Meter Extension Black and Yellow
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Clikon CK551-N ٣ Way ٢ متر تمديد أسود وأصفر

الريال العماني : 7.5

الريال العماني. 4.5


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It's recommended that you plug your gadgets into a spike guard or a power strip. It will save your electronics and accessories from damages caused by power surges. It also acts as an extension cord, letting you connect and protect your appliances.

اللون Black & Yellow
Type Power Control Sockets
Cable Length 2 m
Rated Current 3000 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum Load 13 Ampere
Input Voltage 250 V AC
Power Indicator Individual Neon Red
Number of Extensions 3

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