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سايبر CYHM-3343 خلاط يدوي مع وعاء أسود وفضي

Cyber CYHM-3343 Hand Mixer With Bowl Black and Silver
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سايبر CYHM-3343 خلاط يدوي مع وعاء أسود وفضي

الريال العماني : 10.9

الريال العماني. 7.9


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ضمان : 1 الشهور

الوصف :

Delight family and friends with homemade cakes or muffins with help from this easy-to-use mixer. Whether celebrating a birthday, hosting a group Party, or gathering with friends at Home, this versatile mixer will help prepare batch after batch of delicious treats quickly and easily. As a stand mixer it's light weight, so it.
اللون Black & Silver
وزن 1.5 Kg
مواد Stainless Steel
Power 100 W
Hooks 2
Detachable Yes

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