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إيفلين كوزماتيكس قناع الشعر أرغان 8 في 1

Eveline Cosmetics Argan Hair Mask 8 in 1
  • Eveline Cosmetics Argan Hair Mask 8 in 1 Image

إيفلين كوزماتيكس قناع الشعر أرغان 8 في 1

الريال العماني : 5.9

الريال العماني. 5.5


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Formula rich in advanced active ingredients, acting in synergy with argan oil and liquid keratin, protects colour and restores hair elasticity and beautiful shine. comprehensive restoration + colour protection. COMPREHENSIVE ACTION 8 in 1: Restoration of hair fibre, Hydration and smoothing, Nourishment and strengthening, Intense regeneration, Shine from hair base to the very tip, Soft and elastic hair, Easy combing and styling, Protection against harmful action of external factors.
وزن 450 G
Targetted Group Women
Type Argan + Keratin Replenishes Keratin Losses
COMPREHENSIVE ACTION 8 In 1 Restoration Of Hair ?bre, Hydration And Smoothing, Nourishment And Strengthening, Intense Regeneration, Shine From Hair Base To The Very Tip, Soft And Elastic Hair, Easy Combing And Styling, Protectio
APPLICATION Apply Small Amount Of The Mask Onto The Entire Length Of Washed, Wet Hair. Leave On Hair For 10-15 Minutes. Then Rinse O? Thoroughly. Use 2-3 Times A Week

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