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كريم ايفلين كوزماتيكس للتبييض العميق

Eveline Cosmetics Deep Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream
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كريم ايفلين كوزماتيكس للتبييض العميق

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The cosmetic series WHITE EXTREME 3D is an innovative treatment that normalizes the skin's pigmentation, at the same time smoothing wrinkles in three ways: length-wise, width-wise and depth-wise. The series was developed especially for those women who dream of having beautiful, bright and smooth complexion, all year round. The day cream contains a concentrated dose of Phyto-White Complex®, which blocks the synthesis of melanine and stops the excessive pigmentation process. It also accelerates the process of the skin's whitening, and reduces its proneness to discoloration and freckles.
وزن 150 g
Targetted Group Women
Type Deep Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream
Skin Type All
Cream Type Non-greasy & Light Formula
Dermatologically Tested Yes
Effects Visibly Whiter Skin, Reduced Wrinkles, Rejuvenated Features Of Face, Perfectly Moisturized Skin, Regenerated And Bright Complexion
SPF Range SPF 30

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