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كريم إفيلين لمستحضرات التجميل الفائقة الترميم لليوم 40+

Eveline Cosmetics Luxury Ultra-Restorative Cream Day 40+
  • Eveline Cosmetics Luxury UltraRestorative Cream Day 40 Image

كريم إفيلين لمستحضرات التجميل الفائقة الترميم لليوم 40+

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LUXURY ULTRA-RESTORATIVE CREAM DAY40+ Innovative formula of the Luxury Wrinkle Reducing Cream- Concentrate 40+ was developed based on breakthrough TECHNOLOGY OF CELLS REGENERATION, inspired by the research on the repair mechanism of damage to skin cells DNA (Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2015). The cream, thanks to optimally selected active ingredients ensures 3-STEP PROCESS OF REGENERATION: NEO-DNA COMPLEX™ ensures deep repair of cellular damage and stimulates the process of new cell formation. ROYAL CAVIAR™ and DUOMOLECULAR NEUROPEPTIDE supplement the matrix of “proteins of youth”, intensely smoothing wrinkles and improving skins density. BLACK ORCHID EXTRACT firms, moisturises, deeply nourishes skin and improves elasticity of epidermis. Revolutionary formula also contains: pure retinol, Shea butter, soy oil and SPF 8.
وزن 150 g
Targetted Group Women
Type Luxury Ultra-Restorative Cream Day 40+
Skin Type Mature, Dry, And Sensitive
Cream Type Non-greasy & Light Formula
Dermatologically Tested Yes
Ingredients Neo-DNA-Complex, Royal Caviar, Redu4 OX, Black Orchid
SPF Range SPF 8

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