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كريم ايفلين كوزماتيكس للوقاية من الشمس SPF 50

Eveline Cosmetics Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50
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كريم ايفلين كوزماتيكس للوقاية من الشمس SPF 50

الريال العماني : 4.9

الريال العماني. 4.9


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SUN PROTECTION FACE CREAM SPF 50 HIGH PROTECTION HYALURONIC ACID VITAMINS A, E, F Prevents Photo-ageing and protects skin DNA prevents pigmention spots intensely moisturises and improves skin condition perfectly absorbing non-greasy formula for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. The way to enjoy the sun and look beautiful without risk of sunburn. Sun protection face cream with high sun filter SPF 50 is designated for care of sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Thanks to the advanced HIGH PROTECTION SYSTEM technology - based on newest generation photostable filters, it ensures multidimensional protection against UVA/UVB rays, prevents photo-ageing and guarantees long-lasting skin DNA protection. Prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots and intensely moisturizes deep layers of skin. ADVANCED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Antyleuskine Complex – protects the DNA of dermis cells from harmful influence of free radicals, effectively prevents photo-ageing. Newest generation UVA/UVB filters – provide maximum level of protection from the sun. Protect from the appearance of pigmentation spots. Hyaluronic acid – intensely smoothens the skin, supports the process of new cell growth. Vitamin A, E, F complex – neutralizes free radicals which cause damage to cellular DNA. Prevents irritations. APPLICATION: apply before and during sun exposure. Repeat application every 2 hours.
وزن 120 G
Targetted Group Women
Type Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50
Cream Type Non-greasy & Light Formula
Dermatologically Tested Yes
Skin Type All

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