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غسول الوجه الأبيض من بريستول 4D

Eveline Cosmetics White Prestige 4D  Face Wash Gel
  • Eveline Cosmetics White Prest Image

غسول الوجه الأبيض من بريستول 4D

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Eveline Cosmetics White Prestige 4D Face Wash Gel - Multifunctional, light formula based on FRACTO2 ILLUMI LASER unique technology with Lumiwhite Complex lightens the skin, smoothes and reduces discolourations like a professional laser treatment performed in a beauty salon. Lightens the skin, evens its tone, and prevents excessive pigmentation. For all skin types. ADVANCED INGREDIENTS: Marigold extract - supports skin regeneration and soothes irritation. Aloe vera extract - has anti-inflammatory and soothing action, reinforces and moisturises the skin. Betaine - maintains epidermal hydrolipidic balance, improves skin elasticity.
وزن 100 gm
Targetted Group Women
Benefits Lightens The Skin, Evens Its Tone, And Prevents Excessive Pigmentation
Type Face Wash Gel
Skin Type All
Cream Type Non-greasy & Light Formula
Dermatologically Tested Yes
INGREDIENTS Marigold Extract - Supports Skin Regeneration And Soothes Irritation. Aloe Vera Extract - Has Anti-inflammatory And Soothing Action, Reinforces And Moisturises The Skin. Betaine - Maintains Epidermal

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