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فلامنغو FL1809PC 7.5 لتر طنجرة ضغط الألومنيوم - فضية

Flamingo FL1809PC 7.5 Litre Aluminium Pressure Cooker - Silver

فلامنغو FL1809PC 7.5 لتر طنجرة ضغط الألومنيوم - فضية

الريال العماني : 17.5

الريال العماني. 13.5


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Renew your kitchen with the Flamingo Pressure Cooker. This aluminum cooker features double screw fitted handle for extra sturdiness and gasket release system for added safety. The anti-bulge bottom ensures durability. Made with study material, it is stronger than other cookers.

اللون Silver
مواد Aluminium
Type Pressure Cooker
Value Dual Safety Value
Capacity 7.5L
Thickness 4mm
Features Gasket Release System
Bottom Anti Bulge Bottom

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