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جيبس جسو ٦١٠١٩ زاوية والفي

Geepas GSW61019 Angle Walve
  • GSW61019

جيبس جسو ٦١٠١٩ زاوية والفي

الريال العماني : 6.9

الريال العماني. 3.9


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The Geepas GSW61019 Angle Valve faucets products are suitable under washbasin, Health faucets, water purifier, washing machine or dishwasher to control supply of water and stop supply of water in all applications – washing area, shower, bath – both in private bathrooms and in the commercial sector. Angle cock valves divert water from Bib Tap or Wall Mixer to Overhead Shower.It also gives concealed water connection to health faucets.

الوصف :

The Geepas GSW61019 Angle Valve faucets series provides an ideal form of expression for those bathroom users who appreciate precision, simplicity and timeless modernity.

اللون Silver
Finish Chrome
Suitable Water Pressure 0.2MPa-0.8MPa
Cartridge 1 /4 Turn Ceramic Brass

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