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انتكس ZX-68306 نفخ تشالنجر K2 قارب مجموعة - الأخضر

Intex ZX-68306 Inflatable Challenger K2 Boat Set - Green

انتكس ZX-68306 نفخ تشالنجر K2 قارب مجموعة - الأخضر

الريال العماني : 43.1

الريال العماني. 39.1


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Experience the wonder of lake or Mild River with your loved one in the Intex Challenger K2 Kayak. The pump completes inflation and deflation in seconds. With lightweight and compact, you can take along with you to enjoy more eater fun. It features backrests for comfort and paddles for convenience.

اللون Green
Type Boat
Maximum Weight Up To 181 Kg
Targeted Group Adult
Age Grading 9-12 Years
Features Rugged Vinyl Construction & Adjustable Inflatable Seat
Included Repair Patch
Dimension 138 X 30 X 15 Inches

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