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سائس ١٠١٥ - ٠١١٠ حقيبة حديثة من إلينس - أسود / متوسط

Jockey 1015-0110 Elance Modern Trunk, Black/M

سائس ١٠١٥ - ٠١١٠ حقيبة حديثة من إلينس - أسود / متوسط

الريال العماني : 7.5

الريال العماني. 3.5


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The Jockey Elance Modern Trunk is perfect underwear to make you pleasant. With the soft waistband, it gives comfortable grip. This modern fit underwear comes with a double layered contoured pouch. The unique styled seams make it convenient to wear. It gives unique leg treatment to prevent riding up.

اللون Black
Size Medium
Targetted Group Men
مواد Cotton
Type Modern Trunk
Washing Type Do not bleach,normal wash,tumble dry low

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