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كارشر 1،180-151،0 K 4 عالية الضغط الغسالة، الأصفر

Karcher 1.180-151.0 K 4 High Pressure Washer, Yellow

كارشر 1،180-151،0 K 4 عالية الضغط الغسالة، الأصفر

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الريال العماني. 74.9


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The K4 features a durable and powerful water-cooled motor. This high-pressure cleaner with Quick Connect gun and 6 m high-pressure hose is designed for the occasional removal of moderate soiling. The Vario Power spray lance (VPS) and dirt blaster are suitable for cleaning cars, garden fences, bicycles, etc.

اللون Yellow
وزن 11.8 kg
Type Pressure Washer
Pressure (bar / MPa) 20 - up to 130 / 2 - up to 13
Flow Rate(l / h) Max. 420
Max. Input Temperature(° C) Max. 40
Connection Power(kW) 1.8
Surface Performance(m² / h) 30
Volatge 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Dimensions 300L x 394W x 876H mm

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