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LC عطور الأشياء الجيدة EDP رذاذ للجنسين - 80 مل

LC Perfumes Goodies EDP Spray Unisex - 80 ml

LC عطور الأشياء الجيدة EDP رذاذ للجنسين - 80 مل

الريال العماني : 16.0

الريال العماني. 10.5


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الوصف :

This goodie for men & women contains an enticing combination of sweet apple and fruity fragrance from the island of Corsica and pineapple as the top notes. The middle notes include birch from Louisiana, jasmine, and Leathery. The rich base notes featured woody suitable for both men and women
Targetted Group Unisex
Pack of Pack of 1
Brand LC Perfumes
Fragrance Goodies
Spray Type EDP
Perfume Volume 80 ml
Suitable For Unisex

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