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ليغو 10904 الانكليزي الحيوانات لعبة

Lego 10904 Duplo Baby Animals toy
  • Lego 10904 Duplo Baby Animals toy Image

ليغو 10904 الانكليزي الحيوانات لعبة

الريال العماني : 9.1

الريال العماني. 8.0


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Precious developmental milestones with your toddler and open up a world of imaginative play with the LEGO Baby Animals toy. This educational toy for toddlers includes a cute baby panda snacking on bamboo, a rare baby white tiger admiring a pretty pink flower, a baby giraffe nibbling the leaves on a tree and an adorable baby elephant who’s come to play with his friends . The easy-to-handle animal figures and building bricks develop toddlers’ social and emotional understanding and their early construction and fine motor skills.
اللون Multi Color
Material Plastic
Minimum Age 2 Years

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