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ليتز ١١٠٩ - ٠٠ - ٢٨ أردنر اكتفي ستيل فلاب فولدر غارنت أحمر  

Leitz 1109-00-28 Ordner Active Style Flap Folder Garnet Red

ليتز ١١٠٩ - ٠٠ - ٢٨ أردنر اكتفي ستيل فلاب فولدر غارنت أحمر  

الريال العماني : 8.5

الريال العماني. 5.9


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الوصف :

Lightweight PP polyfoam material, extremely durable, debossed cover Patented 180° precision mechanism for 50% wider opening and 20% faster filing Attractive elastic band fastener for secure transportation of documents Inside pockets to store papers, CD and business cards Round spine and pen holder for user-friendly handling on the move 65 mm spine width. 350 A4 sheet capacity (80 gsm) 5 year guarantee on the mechanism

الوصف :

Innovative and distinctive lever arch file with a soft brushed finish and in a sophisticated range of colours - arctic white, garnet red, celadon green, titan blue and satin black – complementing silver frame. Lightweight material and ergonomic design for easy handling of documents on the move and in the office.

وزن 0.48
Capacity 350 Sheets (80 Gsm)
الأبعاد 65 X 318 X 308
اللون Garnet Red
مواد Polyfoam

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منتجات مماثلة