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ليتز ٣٩٩٥ - ٠٠ - ٢٨ ديفدر كتاب غارنت أحمر

Leitz 3995-00-28 Divider Book Garnet Red

ليتز ٣٩٩٥ - ٠٠ - ٢٨ ديفدر كتاب غارنت أحمر

الريال العماني : 7.5

الريال العماني. 4.5


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الوصف :

6 tabbed dividers allow for easy sorting 3 flaps inside the back cover for storing additional documents Index pocket enables fast access to content Attractive elastic band fastener for secure transportation of documents Ideal for A4 paper or documents, standard folders as well as Leitz CombiFiles 200 A4 sheet capacity (80 gsm)

الوصف :

Distinctive, high quality PP divider book with a soft brushed finish and in a sophisticated colour range: arctic white, garnet red, celadon green, titan blue and satin black. Ideal for sorting and organising documents.

اللون Garnet Red
Dimensions 260 X 17 X 320
Blade Type PP

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