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ليتز ٥٥٦٢ - ٦٠ - ٢٨ ٣٠ شيتس بليستر صتبلر غارنت رد 

Leitz 5562-60-28 30 Sheets Blister Stapler Garnet Red

ليتز ٥٥٦٢ - ٦٠ - ٢٨ ٣٠ شيتس بليستر صتبلر غارنت رد 

الريال العماني : 13.9

الريال العماني. 10.9


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Staples up to 30 sheets of paper (80 gsm) Effortless, accurate stapling with patented Direct Impact Technology Push-button easy to turn anvil to switch between open and closed stapling, 180° opening enables nailing function For Leitz Power Performance P3 staples, 24/6 and 26/6, staples pack included Handy, integrated staple remover 10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples To use with Leitz Power Performance staples – always sharp edges due to ongoing quality checks – for perfect stapling

الوصف :

Distinctive metal stapler for everyday use, in a modern brushed surface design and sophisticated colour range. Robust and reliable. Patented Direct Impact Technology and Leitz Power Performance staples P3 (24/6, 26/6) ensure perfect stapling every time.

وزن 0.27
الأبعاد 40 X 58 X 145
اللون Garnet Red
مواد Plastic, Metal

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