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لوجيتك G840 943-000119 الألعاب ماوس الوسادة - XL، أسود

Logitech 943-000119 G840 Gaming Mouse Pad - XL, Black

لوجيتك G840 943-000119 الألعاب ماوس الوسادة - XL، أسود

الريال العماني : 26.1

الريال العماني. 22.1


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ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

The Logitech Gaming Mouse Pad G840 has a gigantic surface area that offers more space than ever before for you to play. The rubber base holds the entire surface in place, preventing the fabric from bending to maintain smooth movement on the entire desktop.

اللون Black
Type Mouse Pad
Base Rubber
Thickness 3mm
Features Just-right, Moderate Cloth Surface Friction, Performance-tuned Texture Provides Precision And Accuracy, Rubber Base Adds Stability For Mouse And Keyboard
Dimension 400 X 900 X 3 Mm
Weight 0.10 G
Size XL

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