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Mustela N11252242A Stelata Lipid بلم رنيش 200 مل

Mustela N11252242A Stelata Lipid Replenishing Balm 200 ml
  • N11252242A

Mustela N11252242A Stelata Lipid بلم رنيش 200 مل

الريال العماني : 14.1

الريال العماني. 13.6


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الوصف :

Pamper your lips with its gentle care and long lasting moisturization. Your lips care a lot for you, now it’s your turn to care for them. Long lasting moisturization combined with delightful cherry aroma and chosen pigments that leave a touch of colour on your lips

Department Baby Unisex
Type Lip Balm
Quantity 200 Ml
Features Moisturizes, Replenishes And Soothes Itchy Skin. Restores Damaged Skin Barrier Of Atopic-prone Skin. Strengthens Skin’s Natural Defenses

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