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Nici ٣٨٤٩٠ موهبة ١٠ سم سلسلة مفاتيح البرتقالي   

Nici 38490 Talent 10 cm Keychain Orange
  • 38490

Nici ٣٨٤٩٠ موهبة ١٠ سم سلسلة مفاتيح البرتقالي   

الريال العماني : 6.9

الريال العماني. 3.9


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الوصف :

The name Ayumi originates from Japanese and means “she dows it her way”. Ayumi’s can look into your soul with their glittering eyes. They listen to you and are always by your side. Every Ayumi is unique and has a special talent just like you.

اللون Orange
وزن 135 g
بلد المنشأ China
Type Keychain
Ideal For Girls
Minimum Age 3 Years
Product Length Dimensions 10 cm

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