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أكيدج ٨٦٠٣٢ ولدبك جونير سناك بك دينوصور فر للجنسين أحمر

Okiedog 86032 Wildpack Junior Snack Pack Dinosaur For Unisex Red
  • 86032
  • 86032

أكيدج ٨٦٠٣٢ ولدبك جونير سناك بك دينوصور فر للجنسين أحمر

الريال العماني : 9.9

الريال العماني. 6.9


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Wild Pack Junior Snack Bags – Discover the new Wild Pack Friends! Practical and colorful 3D design with sweet plush ear. Plenty of storage space. Comes with large, easy to open zippers. Lightweight and comfortable to carry. Comes in two great sizes, sold a set, for small snacks. PVC, AZO, BPA and phalate free. Wildpack Junior picks up the fun design from Wildpack for slightly older kids and with a more functional, less playful backpack and trolley, lunch and snack bag.

الوصف :

Wildpack Junior has everything our little ones need to Kindergarten and primary school, and of course fun trips with the family and friends.

اللون Red
بلد المنشأ China
Gender Unisex
Minimum Age Limit 3 Years
Product Length Dimensions 18 x 18.5 x 0.5 cm

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