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بارا جون PJSC8904U حقيبة سفر PVC ذهبية - عنابي

Para John PJSC8904U Gold Color Fitting PVC Suitcase - Burgundy

بارا جون PJSC8904U حقيبة سفر PVC ذهبية - عنابي

الريال العماني : 20.9

الريال العماني. 16.9


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With the help of Para John PVC Suitcase make your business trip great and successful. With the help of multi compartment you can take all your essentials with you. The digital lock secures your things and the PVC material gives you a stylish and durable look.

اللون Burgundy
مواد PVC
Type Suitcase
Lining Black & Beige Puzzles Lining

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