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طنجرة ضغط من بولارتك SW12451 سعة 25 ليتر - فضي

Polartec SW12451 25 Litre Aluminium Pressure Cooker - Silver

طنجرة ضغط من بولارتك SW12451 سعة 25 ليتر - فضي

الريال العماني : 20.9

الريال العماني. 17.9


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The Polartec Aluminium Pressure Cooker Silver is just what you need cook nutritious and tasty food quickly. Unique locking mechanism enable safe and quick opening and closing of the pot lit. It has a well-designed base allows rapid heat dissipation. Helps prepare all types of food - from vegetables and meat.

اللون Silver
مواد Aluminium
Type Pressure Cooker
Capacity 25 Litre
Features Safe and reliable, Safety opening & closing

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