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Prestige PR54947 خلاط نوتري برس 1200 واط سيلفر

Prestige PR54947 Blender Nutri Press 1200 W Silver
  • PR54947
  • PR54947

Prestige PR54947 خلاط نوتري برس 1200 واط سيلفر

الريال العماني : 39.9

الريال العماني. 36.9


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ضمان : 1 الشهور

الوصف :

The NutriBullet started a health revolution that has transformed millions of lives. Drink one delicious NutriBlast smoothie a day packed with fruits and vegetables and feel the tremendous effects that real, unprocessed, nutrition-extracted whole food can have on your health and well-being.

اللون Silver
مواد Stainless Steel
Energy Consumption 1200 W
Capacity 1 Litre
Power 110-220 V, 50 Hz
Package Weight 4 Kg

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