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هيبة PR9007 4 بوصة فيبرو ستيك سكين - الأحمر

Prestige PR9007 4 inch Vibro Steak Knife - Red

هيبة PR9007 4 بوصة فيبرو ستيك سكين - الأحمر

الريال العماني : 7.8

الريال العماني. 3.8


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The Prestige Vibro Steak Knife comes with a very sleek design for safety, comfort and support during usage. Made from top quality material, it is sharp and safe to use. It comes with ergonomic handle for superior balance and soft grip.

اللون Red
مواد Stainless Steel
Size 4-inch
Type Knives
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Handle Type Soft Grip - Ergonomic Handle
Features Durable & Easy To Clean

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