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بروميت FENDY-X حالة صدمة مقاومة للآيفون X - الزرقاء

Promate FENDY-X Shock Resistant Case for iphone X - Blue

بروميت FENDY-X حالة صدمة مقاومة للآيفون X - الزرقاء

الريال العماني : 8.1

الريال العماني. 4.1


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This impact absorbing case is precision engineered with a rigid polycarbonate back shell and a shock absorbent TPU textured bumper. Finished with a hard shell back and contrasting colorful bumper, this case takes protection to the next level. Fendy-X will leave others envious of your phone’s new form-fitted sleek look.

اللون Blue
Designed For Apple iPhoneX
Type Mobile Case
Frame Lightweight Aluminum Frame

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