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ريال مدريد بلاك ماء تواليت بخاخ للرجال - 100ML

Real Madrid Black Eau De Toilette Spray for Men - 100ml

ريال مدريد بلاك ماء تواليت بخاخ للرجال - 100ML

الريال العماني : 11.7

الريال العماني. 7.7


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Start each day with the Real Madrid Black Eau de Toilette 100ml Spy! it gives aromatic fragrance to start off your day. This impressive fragrance is ideal to wear it to work, outing, parties and special occasion. The best quality ingredients keep the freshness of the fragrance all the time.

Targetted Group Men
Volume 100ml
Type Perfume
Fragrance Name Black
Fragrance Classification Eau de Toilette
Formulation Spray
Features Long lasting fragrance
Dimension 5 x 6 x 6 cm
Product Weight 99.8 g

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