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فرشاة للحمام من رويال فورد موديل RF2372-DPW/B

Royalford RF2372-DPW/B Toilet Brush
  • Royalford RF2372DPWB Toilet Brush Image

فرشاة للحمام من رويال فورد موديل RF2372-DPW/B

الريال العماني : 4.0

الريال العماني. 2.4


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Don’t give any chances for your relatives and friends to make you worried about your unclean toilet. Just get the Royalford Toilet Brush and clean up your toilet and make it look like new all the time. It comes with storage tub to keep your brush safe. It is easy to clean, washeable and made with plastic to overcome the rus

مواد Plastic
اكتب Toilet Brush

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