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Royalford RF9511 الموسم خيمة لمدة 3 شخص

Royalford RF9511 Season Tent for 3 Person

Royalford RF9511 الموسم خيمة لمدة 3 شخص

الريال العماني : 13.0

الريال العماني. 9.0


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If you’re looking for a tent that gives spacious room 3 people, then the Royalford Season Tent 3-Person is the right choice. The lightweight design makes it perfect for travel. It is east to set up and is ideal for camping, picnic and other outdoor stays.

اللون Multi Color
بلد المنشأ China
Type Tent
Fade-Proof Yes
Features Exudes an exquisite craftsmanship & facilitating easy cleaning

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