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Royalford RFU9090 مرحاض الهواء الغطاس - الأسود والأزرق

Royalford RFU9090 Toilet Air Plunger - Black & Blue

Royalford RFU9090 مرحاض الهواء الغطاس - الأسود والأزرق

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الريال العماني. 4.0


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The Royalford Toilet Plunger is able to cope with blockages in the toilets, sink or bath. It is the most effective tool to combat blockages. It has a comfortable plastic handle.

اللون Black & Blue
مواد Rubber
وزن 281 g
Type Air Plunger
Features Graduated suction cups fit securely in all different types and sizes of toilet drain openings, Sports a meticulously devised handle for firm grip and control, Constructed with premium quality material

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