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صنفرة ٩٢٣٨٦ ويري-او ديسبلاي بوك وذ ديفدر بلاك اتلانتك

Senfort 92386 Wire-O Display Book With Divider Black Atlantic
  • 92386

صنفرة ٩٢٣٨٦ ويري-او ديسبلاي بوك وذ ديفدر بلاك اتلانتك

الريال العماني : 13.5

الريال العماني. 10.5


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Helps keep papers well organized. When you need to keep all of your papers together and organized, opt for large this durable binders. With the ability to store all papers for a particular subject in 1 place, you'll find yourself staying more organized and getting more great work done with heavy-duty binders.

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Ideal for all types of documents and small objects

اللون Black
Closure Type Elastic Band Closure
No of Divider 2
Number of Pockets 50

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