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لامعة STC19 ألغيت ختم الجاهزة، وقعت الذاتي

Shiny STC19 CANCELLED Self-Inked Readymade Stamp
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لامعة STC19 ألغيت ختم الجاهزة، وقعت الذاتي

الريال العماني : 6.7

الريال العماني. 2.7


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Need to make a stylish impression? Try the Shiny CANCELLED Readymade Stamp for creating an accurate impression in seconds. The refillable model allows you to create more impressions for longer time. With compact design, you can hold this self-inked stamp conveniently and store anywhere easily.

Type Stamp
Ink Colour Red & Blue
Stamp Size 38 X 14 Mm
Impresssions 5000
Refillable Yes
Features Long Life

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