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STI10 لامعة تنبيه IMMIDIATE-وقعت الذاتي ختم الجاهزة

Shiny STI10 IMMIDIATE ATTENTION Self-Inked Readymade Stamp
  • Shiny STI10 IMMIDIATE ATTENTION SelfInked Readymade Stam Image

STI10 لامعة تنبيه IMMIDIATE-وقعت الذاتي ختم الجاهزة

الريال العماني : 6.7

الريال العماني. 2.7


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Create a strong impression with the Shiny IMMIDIATE ATTENTION Stamp. It adds smooth touch while handling and is made with high quality material to provide a longer life. The cute design adds style to your environment. Designed with comfort in mind, it is refillable and delivers accurate impressions.

Type Stamp
Ink Colour Red & Blue
Stamp Size 38 X 14 Mm
Impresssions 5000
Refillable Yes
Features Long Life

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