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بالألغام N12682856A منظف مطهر - 650ML

Smac N12682856A Detergent Disinfectant - 650ML

بالألغام N12682856A منظف مطهر - 650ML

الريال العماني : 4.5

الريال العماني. 4.0


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The SMAC Detergent Disinfectant contains deep degreasing action and kills more bacteria. It offers superior anti bacterial protection. It leaves no detergent residue behind. It leaves a fresh and clean aroma to keep your fresh all day.

Type Detergent Disinfectant
Product Volume 650ml
Product Weight 0.732 Kg
Target Use Household Cleaning
Dimension 9.8 X 30.1 X 5.1 Cm

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