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مبتسما Kiddos SK 12001008 ألوان قوس قزح القلم - الأزرق

Smily Kiddos SK 12001008 Rainbow Colors Pen - Blue

مبتسما Kiddos SK 12001008 ألوان قوس قزح القلم - الأزرق

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الريال العماني. 3.7


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Make your mark in all the colours of the rainbow! The Smily Rainbow Colors Pen is amazing tool to show your creativity in writing. The compact size makes it easy to hold and the soft body ensures comfortable grip. Instead of carrying multiple pens, the intelligent design delivers 8 colours in one place.

اللون Blue
Type Rainbow Pen
Product Material Polypropylene
Recommended Age 8 - 10 Years
Features Has 7 Different Colors In The Same Pen & Made Using A Sturdy Material
Pen Length 14.5 X 2 Cm
Dimensions 14.5 X 2 Cm
Product Weight 18 G

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