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ميزان أمتعة سوناشي SLS-002

Sonashi SLS-002 Luggage Scale

ميزان أمتعة سوناشي SLS-002

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الريال العماني. 4.5


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Measure the weight of your luggage with the SLS-002 Sonashi Luggage Scale. With the attached display, it clearly shows the room temperature. It comes with over load indication for better convenient. It shows the weight in LCD digits.

Type Luggage Scale
Capacity Maximum Capacity - 50KG - 110 LB
Display 0.4-inch LCD
Graduation 50 G - 0.1 LB
Low Battery & Over Load Indication Yes
Power Source 1 X 3V Lithium Cell - CR2032
Features Room Temperature Display

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