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Taqdeer حقائب بارد 3121 أزرق وأبيض

Taqdeer Cool Bags 3121 -Multicolor
  • 3121
  • 3121
  • 3121
  • 3121

Taqdeer حقائب بارد 3121 أزرق وأبيض

الريال العماني : 5.0

الريال العماني. 2.0


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This bag performs all day so never worry about food getting warm, mushy or spoiling. No food poisoning. Our lunch bags are perfect for packing healthy foods such as dairy, fruits and vegetables. Food and drinks stay cool and fresh all day. It’s ideal for people with special diets, food sensitivities or allergies.

اللون Blue & White
Type Cool Bag
Features More Space For Food Than Regular Lunch Bags, Easy-tote Handle, Wipe Clean With Soap & Water
Duration 8 Hours
Suitable For Picnics, Parties And Holidays
Water Resistant Yes
Product Size 22 X 12 X 22 Cm

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